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If a spacecraft is launched away from the Earth at less than escape velocity then it will be trapped in orbit around the Earth.

If that spacecraft is launched away from Earth at escape velocity it will move away from Earth with its velocity dropping as the distance increases until the spacecraft's velocity goes to zero at an infinite distance.

But if that spacecraft is launched at a velocity greater than escape velocity it will reach an infinite distance with a non-zero velocity. That velocity at an infinite distance is, in orbital mechanics circles, known as V Infinity and is a measure of the energy required to execute the mission.

At V Infinity Research LLC we are working on projects that stretch from the worlds inside our computers to the worlds of infinite space.

We're currently working to update our web presence and will soon have many interesting things here. Come back soon to learn more about asteroid mining, missions to Mars and the application of iOS devices to problems involving Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

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